Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another Unnecessary Loss :(

I saw this story today on Sandra Rose and it really upset me! A young 20 year old British woman died on Tuesday after going to Philadelphia to get butt injections. Her friends say she thought she needed the injections so that she could become a famous video model. I am all about women and self esteem and things like this are so preventable. Ladies learn to love yourselves. Anything that requires that you become something you are not to be successful is not worth it. People who truly love you don't care what package you come in. I'm so tired of these thirsty dudes going on and on about a female's hip to waist ratio and demanding that their girls look like dimes when they are a hot mess!

You can read the rest of her story here. R.I.P. Claudia...

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  1. omg that is crazy ... for something so silly !
    I am new follower on your blog , thanks for visiting mine. hope you visit again hun

    Blessing have a great rest of your week !