Saturday, September 4, 2010

Adventures in Online Shopping

Online shopping is extremely convenient. From the comfort of your home you can browse through hundreds of items that probably wouldn't be available in your local store. These days most places make it extremely easy to return any items you don't like by offering free returns and free postage. Despite all of this sometimes I still hate online shopping. Don't get me wrong, most times I still love it. However there are a few sites that I have a problem with. I won't name any store in particular but quite a few are guilty. Here are some of my major issues:

1) I HATE when I place an item in my shopping cart and continue to browse the site, by the time I go to checkout (on the same day only a few minutes later) the item is no longer available.

2) I HATE when I order an item in my size then get an email two days later saying it is no longer available.

3)I HATE when I make an order and less than 24 hours later the price has been substantially reduced. I guess this happens in stores too but I would just return the item and re-purchase it.

4) I HATE when the item purchased is nowhere near the quality or the color shown on the website. This is why I love websites like that allow you to view each item on a video catwalk.

5)I HATE stores that still charge ridiculous prices for shipping. Seriously sometimes you can spend more on shipping than you do on your actual purchase.

What are some of your biggest issues with online shopping?

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