Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Forever 21 Pants Not For Petites?

I love Forever 21. I own a lot of skirts and dresses from them and usually, a S (and sometimes an XS if it is available) fits me perfectly. A few weeks ago I brought two basic, leather skinny belts like this one.

I was really nervous about whether I would like the color (I ordered one in tan and one in red) but when they arrived I was actually pleasantly surprised. A few weeks after they arrived, I decided to wear one of them. It was so baggy on me (I ordered the smallest size). I tried to make it work with my pants but it just looked really bad. Finally I pulled out a knife and cut another hole in the belt which did make it wearable. I guess for only $3.50 what did I really expect? But it was still the first time I ordered something from F21 that was too big for me.

But it was not the last time. My birthday is coming up in a few weeks (the big 2-5!) and my sister bought me some pants from F21. I got two pairs of Ponte pants and a few pairs of knit leggings. The Ponte pants did not fit me at all. See how nice and fitted they look on the model.

Well they did not look like that on me! They were loose everywhere, except for around my ankle, and I had a big bulge in my crotch area. I quickly sent them back. I kind of wish I had taken pictures of them so you guys could see how bad they were but trust me they were bad!

I had a similar problem with the leggings. Because I am petite (5'0), there was a lot of extra bunched up fabric on the legs which is not cute on leggings. I contemplated just taking some of the length off of the bottom but since I was already sending the other pants back, I sent those back as well.

It's not often that I make purchases from F21 that don't fit. They are one of the few stores where I can make online purchases without worrying about fit so I'm kind of disappointed.

Have any of you petite ladies had any success with pants from F21?

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