Thursday, October 14, 2010

Style Icon: Keri Hilson

I have to admit, usually when I refer to someone as a style icon, a lot of times what I really mean is that I secretly want to steal their wardrobe! That wouldn't really be true about Keri. I love her style (and I'm sure she has an amazing shoe collection), but I don't think I have the confidence required to pull off her looks. It takes a lot of guts to be unique. There really isn't another celeb out right now that looks like her and I can't really think of any past artist's that she is imitating. Sometimes having style is about being true to yourself even if it makes you stand out from the crowd or is slightly different from what most people consider "fashion". Need proof? Just look at Keri. You can't deny, she looks stunning!

Here are a few of the looks that I really like.

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