Friday, October 8, 2010

Review HerStyler Magenta Flat Iron

I hate flat ironing my hair! After spending up to an hour going through my hair section by section, my hair still always looks frizzy. I was always jealous when I saw girls who had the "fresh relaxed" look every time I saw them. I knew that it couldn't be that all of these girls were getting their locks relaxed that regularly (I knew for a fact most of them weren't). What did they do to keep their hair looking straight and smooth everyday?

Well after reading through message boards and talking to other people, I realized that most ladies swore by their flat iron. I was told that I needed to try Chi, FHI, or Sedu to get the results I was desiring. Before I was just using a Conair flat iron that I purchased from Wal-Mart about 2 years ago for 30 bucks. I also own a Conair Infinit 3/4" straightener that does give slightly better results but still doesn't make my hair lay flat.

In case you are unfamiliar with Chi, FHI, or Sedu let me tell you, if you purchase one of these straighteners you are looking to spend $150+. That is a lot of money to spend for a flat iron that you are not even sure will work for your hair.

In a few of the forums I read, some of the women were talking about HerStyler flat irons. Personally, I had never heard of them. When I googled them, the nearly $200 price tag floored me. But that's why there's Amazon! I searched for a Chi, FHI, Sedu and HerStyler. The HerStyler was the only one I could find for less than 50 bucks. I ended up ordering it for just over $30. I couldn't help feeling that I had just wasted money on a flat iron that wouldn't be any different from the two I already owned.

I was wrong! I still had to spend quite a bit of time straightening my hair (about 30-45 minutes). The first time I ran the straightener through my hair, I didn't feel like it looked any different than it normally does when I flat iron it. It wasn't until I got about 85% done that I realized that my hair was actually flat and I was getting that relaxed look even though I was more than two months post relaxer.

Of course no product is perfect so here are some of the negatives. I will say that I have never seen my hair smoke so much when I used a flat iron. I used a Chi heat protectant and I definitely wouldn't recommend using this (or any other flat iron) without first applying some kind of heat protectant to your hair. Also, the particular model that I ordered does not allow you to adjust the temperature setting. And this flat iron gets really hot fast! It's so hot that if you brush it against your ear while flat ironing, it will definitely burn. Also the flat iron looks really cheap. Though I was happy with my results, I still don't think it is at all worth the $165 price tag. I probably wouldn't pay more than $50 for it.

So now what you all want to see: the results.

This is my hair before. I had just finished washing and blow drying it and it had been about 2 months since my last relaxer.

My roots look terrible!

And here was my hair after.

And this is one week after flat ironing my hair. (My hair looks a little rough because I was just getting up)

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