Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Is Exactly Why I No Longer Watch Music Videos

Keri Hilson's new video The Way You Love Me was "mysteriously" leaked online this week (yeah I'm not buying that either). This video is just simply too much. At the beginning, Keri introduces the female celeb cameos (which include JoJo, Faith Evans, and Dawn Richards) who all play some kind of gun carrying gangsters (and yes they all look as stupid as it sounds). Then we get to spend the rest of the video watching a scantily-clad Keri gyrate all over any and everything while making sexually explicit gestures with her hands. I guess the only thing that people know how to put into music videos these days is sex and violence. And people wonder why young girls today are so sexually immoral and lack self respect.

In case you haven't seen the video here it is.


  1. Stop hatin' on Keri. She got it goin on in this video! Bey better watch out. And the good thing is that all her goodies are real!

  2. boo-this electric blue is a little hard to see...

  3. I'm definitely not a hater. I was a huge fan of her first album. This video is just a bit much for me, but to each his own.