Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why Is Bristol Palin Even on DWTS?

The show is called Dancing with the Stars so why is Bristol on it? Is she actually a "star" now? At the beginning of the season she was introduced as a motivational speaker. I wasn't aware that she had a career at all.

I actually felt kind of sorry for Bristol. Her dancing was absolutely terrible! I was hoping for her sake that she could get at least one good dance during the season just to spare herself the humiliation. But she was never anywhere near good enough to be in the finals.

In response to the other dancers, mainly Maks (Brandy's partner), questioning how she was able to remain in the competition given the fact that she can't dance, her response was "The show is all about taking someone who has never performed, never danced and turning them into a dancer. I guarantee that I am the most improved. I really do work my butt off".

Ok first off the show doesn't take people who have never performed. Maybe they've never danced professionally but they have all performed somewhere before. Except for you Bristol, which is why I ask again, why were you on the show?

Second even if the show were about turning someone into a dancer, does she really think that's what happened to her? Anybody can learn choreography but you can't teach rhythm. Sorry dear, you are by no means a dancer.

Third, the person who wins shouldn't get it for being most improved. It should be because they were the best dancer. And she simply was not. Even Florence Henderson was much better than her and she was in her 70s.

And most importantly, this is a dancing show. It's not about transforming people, or giving them a platform to be a voice for unwed teen moms. Either you can dance or you can't. That's all the show should be about. Who you are, or in this case who you know, has nothing to do with your ability to dance. I'm sure Bristol is a nice person, but she is not a dancer and this is a dance competition.

Unfortunately Brandy was robbed. But at least she still has her career. Hopefully we'll be hearing some new music from her soon.

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