Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Confessions of A Shoe Addict?

Bossip is running a story today about R&B singer Ciara. Now first let me say, I know Ciara gets a lot of hate from the media and the public. I however am not a Ciara hater. Is she the most talented person in the world? Not even close. But she is beautiful and thanks to Missy and Jazzy Pha she at one time had some decent hits. Speaking of which, maybe she needs to find their number so they can save her career because The Dream is not working for her.

So anyway Bossip says that Ciara in a Parade Magazine interview claimed to spend $11,000/month on shoes. Now I don't read Parade so I didn't see the story myself. But if that is true all I can say is girl what are you thinking?? I love shoes just as much as the next girl and if I had her bank account, I could probably do some serious damage myself. But every month?

If you tune in to one of the shows that tell the "untold stories" behind celebs (like Behind the Music or E! True Hollywood Story) I guarantee you will see this: a celeb who at one time was on the top of the industry then fast forward 10 years and they are bankrupt, getting evicted from their home, struggling to pay their bills and crying about how they lost it all. Well when I see that I think "what in the world happened to all the money you were making". Should someone who ever had an income of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year ever go bankrupt? Not if they know how to manage their money. Very few celebs have the talent or charisma to keep the public interested in them for a long period of time. For everyone else, there will come a day when the public no longer buys their albums or goes to see their movies and no one will be interested in what you had for lunch much less what you wear on your feet. And when you weren't even an A list celeb to begin with, that day might be coming sooner than you think...

All I can say is Ciara, take your pennies and stow them away for a rainy day. You never know when you might need them.

You can check out the story here.

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