Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lifetime Movies...Not What They Used to Be

I have been watching Lifetime since I was a little girl. I remember how my sister and I would spend our entire Saturday afternoon watching their movies. Then came Lifetime Movie Network and we thought we were in heaven! Lifetime movies all day, every day...what could be better?


That was then, this is now. Back then, Lifetime movies told stories of real women. Believable stories we could all relate to. They taught us about abuse, violence, drugs, eating disorders, love, lust and all the consequences that come with fast living. I must say that I learned quite a few lessons watching these movies as a teen. Now, every time I turn on Lifetime there's another movie on about some ghost terrorizing a town or 40 year old woman stalking some poor woman's husband or a girl who can see dead people (how original?) and quite frankly it is starting to get old.

Lifetime is not supposed to be about filth. Real stories, real women...that's their theme right? If I wanted to watch poorly executed brainless movies I would spend my time watching a Step Up marathon. But it is still Lifetime and I believe they can redeem themselves. We Were the Mulvaneys is still one of their best original movies ever and that came out in this decade. That means there's hope right?

This month Lifetime premiered The Client List starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. The story seemed right up their alley--a young mom struggling to make ends meet finds herself tangled up in a life of prostitution and is ultimately disgraced when all she was trying to do was support her family. I also love Jennifer Love Hewitt so I expected it to be a good movie. Needless to say I was disappointed. It was mediocre at best. How can it be that they have been telling these same stories for decades and still can't manage to get it right? It wasn't so much the actors as it was that the movie was just poorly written. And whoever the dialect coach was that taught those actors those cheesy southern accents needs to lose his or her job immediately. After an hour and a half I realized I was no longer paying attention to the movie and was instead looking at my TV thinking "Jennifer is such a beautiful girl. I wonder why she is in her 30s and still single. Oh no, will I be in my 30s and still single...". Needless to say those are not the kind of thoughts that are going to leave me feeling good about what I just watched.

But I still believe in you Lifetime and will patiently wait for your comeback.

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