Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Summer TV Review: Downtown Girls

It's summertime and you know what that means....trashy summer TV. I watch way more TV than I probably should. Usually I will watch almost anything at least once only to find myself thinking less about what I'm watching and more about the chunk of my life that I can never get back. But, every once in a while, I find a show that keeps me coming back. Not because it is the best TV has to offer but just simply because I, in my own weird way, find it "entertaining". There are a number of shows that have me hooked this summer but today is all about Downtown Girls.

Downtown Girls is a reality show on MTV that follows 5 friends as they navigate their way through life in NYC. When I first saw the preview for this show I thought "great another crappy knockoff of the Hills--as if one wasn't bad enough". But like I said, no matter how much I think I am going to hate a show, I always find myself watching at least one episode.

The 5 girls are each extremely different. It's amazing to me that they are all friends. There's Shallon, a Carrie-esque contributor for Glamour magazine and the most sane one of the group. Then there's Gurj who doesn't get that much screen time--all I know is she is totally obsessed with her rocker boyfriend to the point that she has violated one of the ultimate girl rules: Never diss your girlfriends for a guy! Nikki is struggling to maintain the boutique she owns in the city, has a little bit of a shopping addiction and is on the hunt for Mr. Right (aren't we all). Klo is the dull one of the bunch. She is engaged to be married and doesn't work so I guess there really isn't much about her to tell. And then there is Victoria, an aspiring lawyer who failed the bar twice but still manages to have time to go out regularly. I don't know what law school she went to and managed to have free time. I'm no career advisor but I'm pretty sure that going on a reality TV show that portrays you as immature and simple-minded isn't the best way to start your career. Anyway I digress...

I know this is just another pointless reality TV show but isn't it ok to watch bad TV sometimes? No I don't learn any lessons watching this show and I won't shed a single tear when it goes off air. To be honest, I find all of the girls to be annoying with the exception of Shallon. I guess I watch because I find pleasure in knowing that I'm not the only girl in my 20s struggling to find her niche in a world she doesn't quite fit into and messing up every step of the way...

Downtown Girls airs Tuesday nights at 11 EST on MTV. You can check out full episodes of the show at mtv.com.

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