Thursday, August 12, 2010

Movie Review: Dear John

I know I'm really late seeing this movie. I didn't want to go to the theater to see it alone and when it came out on DVD I refused to pay $20 for it. Nicholas Sparks' films can be somewhat disappointing and most of them are stories too sad for you to watch over and over again. Plus did anyone see GI Joe? That movie was painful to watch. Let's just say I didn't have high hopes for Channing Tatum.

Last weekend my sister and I finally sat down and watched the movie and I was suprisingly impressed. I love a good love story which is why I wanted so badly to see it, but I was expecting it to be cheesy and boring. Channing Tatum is impressive in this film. Granted he still isn't the world's best actor, but it is a big improvement from some of his earlier films. One thing he did was succeed in making you fall in love with his character. Lets just say in all my summers in South Carolina I never saw a man like him and if I had maybe I wouldn't be single!

Anyway this is a great story. The ending is kind of expected but I enjoyed getting there. I might actually go out and spend the $20 to buy it now.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the trailer.

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