Friday, August 13, 2010

An Example of Why You Should Think Before You Speak

The media has been buzzing about famed talk radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger and her use of the N-word during a phone conversation with a black caller. The woman called in to Dr. Laura to express her frustration with her white husband's friends and family and their insensitivity towards her race.

What was Dr. Laura's advice to her? Black people are too hyper-sensitive about racism. I will admit, there are times when things are blown out of proportion. But that is not always the case. I am just curious as to how this woman who has never experienced what it is like to be black can say with complete confidence that this woman is too sensitive about her race. Then as if she hadn't already made her point, she goes on to say black people use the n-word with each other all the time and then said the word 6 different times. When the caller expressed her anger with Dr. Laura's use of the word, she repeated it, told her not to get all NAACP on her and then hung up. Don't get all NAACP?!?! How can a well educated, intelligent woman possibly think a comment like that is ok in any situation?

During the call she repeatedly referenced Obama in the White House and how black people put him there because he is black and that we now complain about racism more than we did before a black man was president. Dr. Laura is ignorant. The fact that Obama is black is not why he was elected president. Just ask Jesse Jackson how successful his presidential run was and last time I checked he is black. Obama is not president because black people voted for him. He is our president because AMERICANS voted for him. That may frustrate her but it is a fact.

Dr. Laura repeatedly said during the call that she didn't understand. That's the only thing she was right about. She doesn't understand. The reality is that she is a white woman. And because she is white she can never fully comprehend or understand what it is like to live in this country as a black woman.

So in the future, Dr. Laura, maybe you should only speak on areas where you possess some personal knowledge or understanding and leave the things that you clearly don't get to someone else.

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