Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Shopping Wish List

I have a problem...I love to shop! Whenever I go out I find something that I must have and if I leave it in the store, I'll go home and dream about it until I go back and buy it (sad I know). Well in reality I am still a student and since I will be finishing school soon, a large portion of my income will be going into paying back student loans not to mention car payments, rent, groceries and other necessities. So I am training myself to seriously reduce my spending and realize that I don't have to buy something I like as soon as I see it. In the interest of sticking to this new plan, I'm starting a shopping wish list that will include items that I would love to buy if not for their steep price tags (and some of them just may end up in my closet). Here are some of the items I'm crushing on right now. Just click on any title for a link to where you can purchase the item.

I saw this shoe in Macy's and I fell in love! I have narrow heels and no arch so it is hard for me to find shoes that don't slip off the back of my feet. I find that Jessica Simpson's shoes are one of the only brands that fit my feet perfectly. Plus every girl should own a pair of tan or nude pumps. These pumps currently retail for about $89.

I absolutely love this bag! The only reason why I haven't purchased it is because I believe the colors are more appropriate for Spring. Since it is almost Fall, this bag would sit in my closet for like 8 months before I finally got a chance to wear it. But then again, for $95 I would probably wear it whenever I want.

I was in Macy's at the Sunglass Hut just looking and not expecting to find anything when I saw these sunglasses. They first caught my eye because they are purple (which is my favorite color). The are so chic and look even better in person. Now to come up with a way to afford the $220 price tag...

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